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Program Advisory Firm

Expertly navigating program challenges, ensuring risk mitigation, and delivering seamless execution across time zones. Align, comply, and succeed with us.

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Our Team

Dipankar Banerjee, COO
Dipankar Banerjee

Dipankar Banerjee, with 35 years in IT, offers a blend of Program Management, P&L leadership, and tech practices, distinguished by his collaborative and client-focused approach. His prowess in project governance strategically positions him at Craftoplex's helm, guiding its mission to deliver bespoke project management solutions and championing excellence.

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Vijay Raman, CEO
Vijay Raman

Vijay Raman, has a distinguished career driving global businesses to success. Renowned for technology transformation and product engineering expertise, he's adept at pioneering global innovation centers. Vijay's vision seamlessly melds PMO-as-a-service with cross-border excellence, positioning Craftoplex at the forefront of transformative project and program management solutions.

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Chandrasekhar CL, Talent Partner
Chandrasekhar CL
Talent Partner

Chandrasekhar C L, harnesses over 20 years in Digital Sales, notably in HR-Tech. Renowned for shaping potent sales structures, he now champions talent acquisition and onboarding, ensuring Craftoplex thrives with top-tier expertise. His innate ability to foster talent in VUCA scenarios underscores Craftoplex's commitment to project and program management excellence.

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Subhash Khare
Leader Development 

Subhash Khare, boasts 40 years in diverse roles, from Software Delivery to Leadership Development. His illustrious career peaked as the Vice President of Leadership Development at Wipro Ltd. Beyond corporate roles, Subhash is a revered Leadership Consultant, Coach, Author, and Speaker. Certified in Hogan, MBTI, and Design Thinking, his approach to  is holistic and transformative.

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Our affordable "Program Management Stack" can be leveraged on demand for your cross-border program needs, consisting of elite program talent, industry-specific best practices, and cutting-edge technology.


Program Help Desk

Craftoplex's Program Help Desk Services offer on-demand, affordable support, enabling project leaders to focus on strategic goals while we handle transactional support, leveraging best-of-breed tools for comprehensive project visibility and decision-making support.

PM Advisory Services

Our PM Advisory Services elevate your in-house leadership through global cross-border program leader hiring, skill assessment, and development. We ensure your programs are set up for success, recover existing cross-border programs, and provide governance and outcome assurance.

Our Services

Global Program Leaders

Handpicked, top-tier program leaders ensure successful outcomes with flexibility to meet diverse program demands remotely, cutting operational costs.

Hybrid Delivery Model

Strategic blending of global resources for cost efficiency without compromising on quality, leveraging cloud-based tools for agile project execution.

Program Management Stack

Centralized, efficient program oversight, enhancing consistency, and performance across global cross-border programs with near real-time analytics and support.

Cross-Border Capabilities

Expert management of international projects, navigating complex regulations and cultural nuances to deliver seamless, high-quality results.

Industry process repository

Tailored methodologies from a wealth of industry-specific knowledge repository ensuring best practices are embedded in every program.

Risk Analytics Tools

Advanced analytics provide predictive insights, enabling proactive risk management and mitigation for robust program resilience

Our Differentiators

For a No-obligation session:
"De-risk and Streamline your Cross-Border Programs"


Cross-border Playbooks unlock global market potential, streamlining revenue growth, innovation, and competitiveness through expertly guided, risk-managed program execution in diverse regulatory landscapes


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