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A robust Execution Leader Assessment Framework to make the right match for the role.

Robust Assessment framework to select the right leader for the right job.

Leader Assessment Framework

The Craftoplex Leader Assessment Framework is a valuable tool for assessing the capabilities of Program and Project Leaders. By assessing candidates across multiple dimensions, including Resilience, Functional Competency in Technology, and Execution Competency, the framework provides a comprehensive view of a candidate's capabilities and helps organizations identify leaders who can drive successful outcomes.

Leadership Resilience

The ability to handle complexity and uncertainty allows leaders to effectively navigate and make decisions in dynamic and rapidly changing environments. It enables them to identify and solve problems, adapt to changes, and manage risk.

Leadership Resilience Assessment for Program Fitment.
Execution Competency Assessment Framework with Reference Data for Program Leaders

Execution Competency

It is essential for leaders to have overall strength across the five dimensions for them to be successful. Whether it is KPI orientation or Stakeholder management, the need is more compelling now than ever in complex and uncertain environments.

Functional Competency

Assessing a candidate across the five functional competencies will aid in determining the candidate's right fit for any role. The functional assessments can help in creating a succession database or career development plans for the leader.

Functional Competency Assessment Framework with Reference Data for Program Leaders
Assessing the industry or functional domain knowledge of the leader.

Domain Knowledge

Leaders are assessed based on their expertise in functional or business processes, as well as their experience in implementing them. Our assessments provide an in-depth analysis of a leader's strengths and weaknesses, helping organizations make informed decisions about their leadership

Technology Skills

Leaders are evaluated based on their proficiency with technology tools and applications. Our assessments provide valuable insights to organizations seeking top-tier leadership with the expertise to drive their digital strategy forward.

Assessing the technology tool and platform skills of the leader
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