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Hire Leaders

Right Leaders with right competencies at any location globally with the PMO Desk Support.

Hire the right execution leaders with right competencies at any location globally with PMO Desk Support.

Assessed & Vetted Execution Leaders

 A growing database of Program & Project Leaders, PMO Leaders, PMO consultants & Analysts across global locations who are assessed and vetted based on their execution and functional competencies. And can be readily deployed, supported by PMO Desk.

Innovation Leaders

Driving product innovation and ideation to stay ahead of the curve and differentiate.

Operation Leaders

Optimizing operations to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

Engineering Leaders

Delivering high-quality technical solutions through expert engineering practices.

Transformation Leaders

Leading business process & digital transformations and change management initiatives

Delivery Leaders

Ensuring on-time, on-budget project delivery with a focus on efficiency and effectiveness.

Revenue Leaders

Driving revenue growth thru strategic planning & execution, customer focus, and innovation.

Assessment Framework

A robust leader assessment framework for assessing candidates across multiple execution dimensions, including resilience, functional competency, and execution competency. The framework provides a comprehensive view of a leader's capabilities and helps organizations identify leaders who can drive successful outcomes.

A robust execution leader assessment framework.
Flexible deployment options of execution leaders across any location globally.

Flexible Deployment Options

Based on the work preference (local or remote), budget and execution needs, one can identify the right execution leaders from an optimal geographic location for deployment. The Leaders can be deployed either on a contract basis or FTE basis. A One-step payment process in your currency makes it easy to pay the Leader irrespective of their country or currency.

Bundled PMO Desk

Every leader deployed globally gets a default central PMO Desk with a SPOC in Supportive Mode to take care of the leader's administrative, coordination and logistics support needs. The PMO Desk can be upgraded to cover governance or assurance capabilities, if needed, at additional cost.

Every leader deployed gets a defacto PMO Desk in supportive mode.

Leader Selection Process

Provides an hassle-free selection & onboarding process. Provides total transparency and full visibility into the Leader work status.


Your requirements are mapped to our reference leader role database and arrived at the right assessment framework.

Assess & Select

Potential Leaders are assessed against the role reference framework and shortlisted, interviewed & selected.

Assess & Select

Selected Leaders are deployed with PMO Desk. Payroll & local compliance enabled with a hassle-free single step process.

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