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PMO Desk App

Integrated PMO functionalities that can be deployed with Operations Support.


A Single Source of Truth (SSOT)

An integrated set of functionalities that go beyond just task management. A Platform for managing the key dimensions of any Project or Program and maintained as a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) about the Program. Supported by an Operations Support Team to keep it current, updated and generate the required insights. The Platform can be deployed, integrated with  your internal or existing task management tools.

Planning & Control

Supports you in tracking your programs and phases. Organize tasks by team or department with Swim-lanes and track progress by assigning tasks, due dates, and dependencies. Keep projects on track with Scope Control, Deliverables Management, Schedule Control, and Cost Control. Track progress with KPI Management and achieve desired outcomes.


Stakeholder & Change

Allows for efficient management of stakeholders and Organizational Change. Meet stakeholders' needs throughout the project life-cycle and align them to the project needs affecting Change Management. Ecosystem Partner Mapping and Management identifies and engages external partners, and Partner Management and Contract Repository help manage relationships. 


With Integrated Team Sourcing and Onboarding, Team Task Allocation and Follow-up, and Project Resources Management, you can manage your team and project resources efficiently. Team Management enables you to monitor team performance and provide feedback, ensuring engagement and motivation. Provides all the necessary support to manage your project teams and resources effectively.


Benefits Realization

Establish baseline metrics and track progress with Business Case baselines and Monitoring. By prioritising and aligning benefits with strategic objectives through Benefits Profiling and Management, and tracking benefits realization over time, you can ensure desired outcomes are met. PMO Desk can help you effectively manage and realize the benefits of your projects and programs to achieve success.

Governance & Risk

Stakeholder Communication keeps stakeholders informed and engaged while maintaining compliance and total Visibility. RAID Registers, Change Control, and Knowledge Management processes and tools help manage risks. Store important documents in the Document Repository, while capturing knowledge through Logs. Manage risks and achieve project success with the PMO Desk.

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