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Tech Playbooks

Ready-to-Deploy Playbooks for Technology Programs for internal capability building.

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Ready-to-Deploy Playbooks

Whether it is remote, multi-site, or multi-time zone Technology Programs or projects, we have you covered. A growing repository of playbooks & templates that can be readily deployed to provide you the capability to Execute Projects & Programs successfully. The Playbooks are incorporated as part of the PMO Desk Platform for execution.


Playbooks for product & platform design, development, testing, modernization, transformation, and support that integrate digital and physical assets leveraging distributed execution with agile processes.


Platform Deployments

Playbooks for SaaS/Digital Platform Deployments across single location or multiple locations that include configuration, customization, localization, data migration.


Playbooks for Digital Transformation, System Integration, Migration and M&A Programs across sites and time zones. Delivers Visibility, Governance, Risk Management, and Benefits Realization.


Capability Centers

Playbooks for Design, Implementation, and Transformation of Engineering Innovation Centers, Digital Centers of Excellence, Development centers, Operational Centers, on a "managed or owned" basis.


Playbooks for Identifying and choosing the right global service provider(s), setting up, managing, and optimizing; remediation; contract compliance; cost takeouts; and global insourcing from vendors.

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