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New Project

Initiation & Set-up

Kickstart your projects flawlessly with our comprehensive setup service, ensuring clear planning, resource alignment, and smooth launch for a strong foundation and successful execution.

image showing new project initiation and set-up.
Our affordable "Project Management Stack" can be leveraged on demand for your global project needs, consisting of elite project talent, industry-specific best practices, and cutting-edge technology.


Focuses on evaluating the viability of new projects. It includes services like feasibility studies, initial risk assessments, and resource requirement analysis, ensuring that the project foundation is solid and viable.

Initial Assessment & Feasibility

image showing initial assessment and feasibility of a project

Dedicated to the foundational planning phase, this stream covers developing project plans, setting objectives and milestones, and designing project frameworks. It ensures a well-structured approach to project management right from the start.

Project Planning &


image showing project planning and design.
Craftoplex specializes in elevating IT, transformation, engineering, cross-border, and industry-specific operational projects and programs. Our expertise ensures seamless execution and strategic alignment, driving success across diverse industries and complex global landscapes.


image indicating resource allocation and team formation.

Involves assembling the right team and allocating necessary resources. It includes services like team selection, resource scheduling, and securing of materials and technology, ensuring that the project is well-equipped to commence effectively.

Resource Allocation & Team Formation

Focused on getting the project off the ground, this stream includes kick-off meetings, establishment of communication channels, and initial stakeholder engagement. It ensures that the project begins with clear objectives, well-informed teams, and established lines of communication.

Project Kick-off &  Communication Set-up

image of project kick-off and communication set-up.
For a No-obligation session:
"De-risk and Streamline your projects with Project Operations Center"


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