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The Right Talent

The Right Staffing of the Program with Program Leaders and Technology Talent.


Integrated Talent Fulfillment Engine

An integrated talent fulfilment engine enables sourcing, screening, selecting, and onboarding the right talent in-line with the Project or Program Needs on a Program Managed Basis. The fulfilment engine supports talent across functions, domains, technologies, experience levels, and locations. It incorporates an assessment & screening model for Program Leaders & the Technology Talent.

Program Leaders

An ever expanding database of Program & Project Leaders, PMO Leaders, PMO consultants & Analysts across multiple locations who are assessed and categorized based on their execution and functional competencies. And can be readily deployed either independently or with the support of PMO Desk elements: Playbooks, Platform and Talent Engine. 

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Leader Assessment

A robust assessment framework tailor-made for Execution leadership roles to assess competencies across Functions, Execution and ability to handle complexity & uncertainty.  Assessments through interviews, assessments, and reference checks. The framework avoids bias in the hiring or deployment process.

Technology Roles

Integrated sourcing and onboarding engine to get the right Technology Team. Ability to ramp up the right team with the relevant roles: Project Leaders, Business Analyst, Technical Architect, Developers, Quality Assurance/Testers, User Experience Designer, Technical Writer, Data Analyst, Infrastructure Engineer, Security Analyst.



Wide range of technology skills across multiple locations that can be readily onboarded for your Technology Programs. The skills span across: Cloud, SaaS, RPA, AI/ML, Devops, Blockchain, Networks & Communications, Automotive, Embedded Systems, Hardware/VLSI, IoT, EDGE, Devices, Stacks & Protocols, Cyber Security. 

Program Managed

The entire process of identifying the talent open positions, drawing out a sourcing plan, screening the candidates, selection and onboarding them is executed on an end-to-end program managed basis.  The necessary functionalities are integrated as part of the PMO Desk App. And can be integrated with your internal ATS, Data source, etc.

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