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Why Craftoplex?

Specialization in executing Globalization or Offshore Programs on a low cost, consumption-based pricing.


Core Expertise

Our PMO Engagements leverage our ability to assure Benefits, enable governance, manage risk, and provide full compliance and visibility into the programs.

Benefits Realization Focus

Objectivity in tracking metrics across various benefits of global and offshore initiatives and ensuring the value extends beyond project boundaries. This may involve taking ownership of the deliverables and benefits.

Governance & Risk Mgmt

Governance and control of efforts, costs, timeline, scope, deliverables, change and stakeholders. Identifying Risks, Assumptions, Issues, and Dependencies, including Intellectual Property Protection and mitigating them.

Compliance & Visibility

Ensuring business continuity with the necessary local statutory and legal compliance in global & offshore initiatives. In addition, it provides total visibility of the program through analytics, dashboards and web-apps tools.




Differentiated Capabilities

Unique set of capabilities that delivers compelling value to your globalization & offshore initiatives.

No Conflict of Interest

As an independent Partner, we bring objectivity and transparency to the engagement. With our revenue model aligned to PMO services only, there is no conflict of interest.

Ready-to-Deploy PMO Stack

Ready to use Industry Best Practices, global delivery or execution processes, playbooks, web tools & PMO teams to jumpstart any global or offshore program across geographies. 

Resource Management

Our integrated talent scale-up engine helps you identify, recruit, and manage qualified resources across technology, operational, and leadership skills.

Delivery Process Repository

Exhaustive library of proven playbooks, best practices, processes, templates for distributed execution and benefits realization of your globalization or offshore programs. 

Consumption-based Pricing

Begin with just PMO support for as little as $ 500 per month and gradually expand to delivery ownership. Pay-as-you-go based on the services deployed. Low PMO costs.

Global Partner Ecosystem

Network of global partners spanning across service providers, tech firms, start-ups, academia, etc to quickly jumpstart any global program or initiative and deliver value.

Experienced Team

Leadership & Execution team from leading Globalization and Offshore service providers with experience and expertise in implementing globalization and offshore programs for Fortune 500 companies.

Our Work

We have delivered compelling value for globalization and offshoring programs with measurable results.

Offshore Insourcing

Insourcing of Operations Center from a Tier 1 Technology Service Provider for a Global Telecom Service Provider (USA)

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