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Program Playbooks

Craftoplex's Cross-border Playbooks unlock global market potential, streamlining revenue growth, innovation, and competitiveness through expertly guided, risk-managed program execution in diverse regulatory landscapes.

Cross-Border Project Management
Our affordable "Program Management Stack" can be leveraged on demand for your cross-border program needs, consisting of elite program talent, industry-specific best practices, and cutting-edge technology.


Captive Unit Set-up

Setting up a captive unit for content creation and localization

Captive Content Hub

We facilitate content creation hubs, ensuring cultural relevance, linguistic accuracy, and brand consistency across geographies.

Captive Unit Set-up

Setting up a captive call and support center

Captive Call Center

Craftoplex aids in the establishment of dedicated call centers, ensuring customer accessibility, service quality, and seamless multi-region coordination.

Captive Unit Set-up

Setting up a captive global finance and accounting unit

Captive Finance Unit

We streamline the establishment of finance units, ensuring regulatory compliance, process efficiency, and global financial synergy.

Captive Unit Set-up

Creating a captive unit for HR operations and talent management

Captive HR Unit

We streamline the setup of HR hubs, optimizing talent acquisition, management, and growth opportunities across global sites.

Captive Unit Set-up

Establishing a captive IT development center in a low-cost region

Captive IT Center

Craftoplex ensures optimal IT center setups in strategic locations, offering cost benefits, talent acquisition, and seamless operational integration.

Captive Unit Set-up

Establishing a captive center for research and innovation

Captive Research Hub

Craftoplex oversees the creation of research hubs, fostering innovation, knowledge sharing, and cutting-edge developments.

Captive Unit Set-up

Establishing a captive digital marketing hub for global campaigns

Captive Marketing Hub

We facilitate the creation of marketing hubs, leveraging global insights and ensuring consistent brand representation across markets.

Captive Unit Set-up

Launching a captive center for data analytics and business intelligence

Captive Analytics Hub

Craftoplex oversees the setup of analytics hubs, ensuring state-of-the-art tools, talent alignment, and actionable business insights.

Customer Service and Support

Coordinating global teams for customer issue resolution

Issue Resolution Coordination

We coordinate support teams globally, ensuring swift, consistent, and effective issue resolutions for customers across regions.

Customer Service and Support

Coordinating global teams for product support

Global Support Coordination

We streamline product support efforts, ensuring consistent solutions, training, and customer satisfaction across regions.

Customer Service and Support

Global service level agreement (SLA) management

SLA Management

We oversee SLA adherence, ensuring consistent service quality and timely issue resolutions across multiple sites.

Customer Service and Support

Global customer feedback and satisfaction surveys

Feedback Collection

We execute global feedback initiatives, capturing customer sentiments and driving actionable service improvements across regions.

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Cross-border Playbooks

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